$250 to $35,000 Easy Personal Loans | PersonalLoans.com Review

If you're in need of a personal loan but have a less-than-ideal credit score, worry not. In this article, we'll guide you on securing a personal loan ranging from $1,000 to $35,000 through PersonalLoans.com, an online platform facilitating the exchange between borrowers and lenders. 

PersonalLoans.com Overview

PersonalLoans.com, established in 2001, boasts 19 years of experience in the lending business. While not a direct lender, it serves as a mediator, connecting borrowers with lenders offering personal loans.


  • Loan amounts range from $250 to $35,000.

  • All credit types are accepted, with no minimum credit score requirement.

  • Receive funds in your account as soon as the next business day.

  • Fast decision-making in the loan process.


  • PersonalLoans.com is not a direct lender.

  • The platform may request a considerable amount of personal information.

Easy Fast Online Loans with No Credit Check

PersonalLoans.com facilitates personal loans ranging from $250 to $35,000. The repayment terms span from 61 days to 96 months , with an Annual Percentage Rate (APR) varying between 5.99% and 35.99%, depending on the lender.

Annual Interest Rate (APR) and Fees

The APR is determined by the lender, considering factors such as credit score. A lower credit score may result in a higher APR, while a good credit score could secure a lower APR.

Minimum Credit Score Required

PersonalLoans.com emphasizes that any credit score is eligible for consideration. Whether you have a good or bad credit score, you can apply for a personal loan and connect with a willing lender.

Offered Loan Amount

The platform offers personal loan amounts between $250 and $35,000. It's advisable to be cautious with the loan amount, especially if your credit score is significantly low.

Eligibility Criteria

Before applying for a bad credit loan, ensure you meet the following requirements:

  • Be at least 18 years old.

  • Possess a valid ID or Social Security number.

  • Be a United States citizen or permanent resident.

  • Have a post-tax income exceeding $1,000.

  • Maintain a valid and active US bank checking account.

  • Provide a valid email address and phone number.

Required Documents

To complete the application process, you'll need:

  • Valid identity proof.

  • Date of birth information.

  • Current mobile number and email address.

  • An American bank account.

  • Social Security number.

Repayment Terms

PersonalLoans.com offers repayment terms spanning from 61 days to 96 months, depending on your lender. It's crucial to thoroughly review the loan agreement and understand all associated expenses before accepting the offer.

How to Apply for PersonalLoans.com

Follow these steps to apply for a personal loan through PersonalLoans.com:

  1. Visit PersonalLoans.com and enter your desired loan amount.

  2. Click on the "Get Started" button.

  3. Provide your zip code, last digits of your Social Security number, and date of birth.

  4. Enter personal information, including your name, monthly income, employment details, contact information, and address.

  5. Input banking details, including your account number for fund deposits.

  6. Complete any additional information requested.

  7. Submit your form for review by lenders.

  8. Lenders will present you with a personal loan proposal.

Apply Now for a PersonalLoans.com loan.


PersonalLoans.com offers a viable solution for individuals with bad credit seeking personal loans ranging from $250 to $35,000. If you're in need of an easy, fast online personal loan with no credit check, PersonalLoans.com may be the right option for you. Explore the platform and apply for a personal loan hassle-free.

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