Speedy Cash Payday Loan Review 2022 | Bad Credit Guaranteed Loan 2022

Can this loan be used for Debt Consolidation?

No, Speedy Cash cant be used as a debt consolidation loan because it has a very high APR rate. 


Speedy Cash Payday Loan Overview

Payday loans are a form of short-term credit. Also called a cash advance, there isn’t a set definition of a payday loan, but they are usually $100 – $500 or less and repaid with a single payment on your next payday. They are often used to get additional cash when an urgent situation arises, like covering an unexpected bill or paying rent. 

These loans are available from lenders in brick-and-mortar stores and from online businesses. Different lenders offer different rates and options, and some companies, like Speedy Cash, are significantly different from traditional payday loans due to repayment flexibility, the ability to build credit, and other options. This brief guide will cover applying for a payday loan, repayment, and different types of loan options that are available.

  • Loan amount starting from $100 – $500.
  • No prepayment penalty
  • Potentially fast funding
  • Multiple ways to apply.{alertSuccess}

  • High interest rates
  • May charge an origination fee in some states
  • Limited availability  {alertError}

Example of the Speedy Cash loan

Here is an example of a payday loan according to the state of Alabama.

Annual Interest Rate and Fees

The interest rate of payday loans is quite high as compared to personal loans and installment loans. However, the interest rates of speedy cash are from 17.50% which is a one-time fee of the total amount you will get. Like if you are applicable for $100 then you will be charged $17.50. 

Minimum Credit Score Required

At Speedy Cash, the minimum credit score you required for getting approved for a personal loan is any credit score. You can apply with even a 300 credit score. That’s why it is bad credit payday loans. 

Offered Loan Amount

The offered loan amount for a possible payday loan is up from $100 to $500. 

Eligibility Criteria 

There are some basic requirements you should fulfill before taking a bad credit loan. Here is the list :
  1. You should be at least 18 years old
  2. You must be a United States citizen or have a US Visa
  3. You must have a valid active US bank checking account
  4. You have to provide a valid email address and a phone number
Required Documents
  • Valid Identity Proof, VIsa
  • Have to provide a DOB.
  • Valid current mobile number and Email id.
  • An active American bank account.

Repayments Terms

Your loan due date will be determined by your pay cycle. Typically, your loan will be due on your next payday. Under Alabama law, Deferred Presentment transactions cannot be made for a term of fewer than 10 days or more than 31 days.

How to Apply for Speedy Cash :

Apply Now

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